Teen Girl?

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Would you like to talk about how you’re feeling? How things are going at home or in school? Is someone being mean to you – whether physically or emotionally? Or do you need to tell someone that you’re in love? Do you have questions about the body or about sex and lust? You can chat with us or e-mail us and talk about anything you want to talk about. We’re here to provide support and encouragement, and can give you information about where you can get more help if you need it.

Ada was originally founded as a women’s shelter focusing on helping women who were current or past victims of violence. Today, Ada is both a women’s shelter and a young women’s empowerment centre, which means we work to help both adult women and teen girls. Being mistreated by a partner, being called derogatory names, and being beaten or pressured to have sex are things many teen girls have also gone through. Many also have to deal with various types of violence from boys and men that they are not even dating. Examples of such violence are rape and sexual harassment. Ada realised that even young girls need the opportunity to talk about their experiences and get support – just like adult women do. However, there is a difference between women’s shelters and young women’s empowerment centres since teen girls can turn to an empowerment centre to talk about absolutely anything. Our teen chat for girls is open one night a week. You can also email us.

At www.rokstjejjourer.se, you can read more about young women’s empowerment centres and how to go about contacting one. You can read about anything from sex, relationships and violence to self-harm and feminism. You can also read about what other girls are writing and a thousand other things.

Do you want to learn more about how it feels to be the victim of a crime, what is criminal, how a trial is conducted, or what to do if an adult doesn’t listen to what you are telling them? Check out the Swedish Crime Victim’s Compensation and Support Authority’s Publications page. There, you will find an English brochure with information to crime victims.

You can also contact BRIS [Children’s Rights in Society] by phone, email or chat and talk about anything that’s on your mind. No topic is too big or too small.