Self-help groups

When time permits, Ada Women’s Shelter and Young Women’s Empowerment Centre starts up self-help groups. A self-help group at Ada can consist of 4–8 women who meet regularly over a long period of time. The members meet and talk about experiences they have in common, such has dealing with domestic violence, being in a custody dispute, or being raped.

The aim of a self-help group is for a person to receive support and confirmation from others who have been through similar experiences. Listening to others and telling their own story can make a person feel less alone in what happened, which can help in the rebuilding of their health and well-being.

A self-help group is started by two leaders, who help the group with rules, structure and topics. After that, the group works independently following the method for self-help groups. The leaders are on hand for advice while the group is active. A self-help group frequently uses timed rounds, where each person is given a set time to talk about their own experiences without being interrupted. It is a good idea for there to be individual support regarding the situation when you start participating in a self-help group, either while the group is meeting or before it starts. The aim of this is for each individual to be a good support for the others in the group.

Participating in a self-help group at Ada is free of charge. Are you interested in participating in a self-help group and sharing your experiences with others? Contact us to find out whether we have a group that meets your needs!