For Kids

About 10% of all kids in Sweden have experienced violence in the home at some time.
In other words, you’re not alone. The most common form of this is the dad or stepdad beating the mum. When you have seen or heard someone you love being threatened or hurt, it can make you feel really bad. It’s important for you to remember that it is never your fault. It is always the person who hits, threatens or insults another person who is responsible for their own actions.
What is violence?
Violence is when someone hurts, threatens, scares, or insults another person. Violence and assault can take many different forms. Read more about violence and assault here.



Who is responsible?
If you or your mum experience violence, it is never your or your mum’s fault. It is always the person who hits, threatens, scares or insults who is responsible. Read more about responsibility here.




Talking to someone about how you’re feeling
It may feel hard or scary to talk to someone about how you’re feeling and what you’ve been through. But, it is very important to tell anyone who will listen. Then you can get help and start feeling a little better. Read more about how you may feel and who you can talk to here.




What can you do to feel safe?
It’s important that you know what you can do if violence or assaults are occurring in your home. Read more about what you can do and who you can contact here.