Our services

The aim of our services is to provide assistance and protection to abused women, teen girls and children. We are not a government authority.

Ada runs an emergency shelter for women, teen girls and children who need to flee their home to escape threats and violence. Even women who do not want contact with authorities or who are not granted assistance for housing should have the ability to live in Ada’s emergency shelter. We also run a counselling centre for abused women and teen girls, who can come turn to us completely anonymously. You can contact us through any of our telephone hotlines; the women’s shelter, young women’s empowerment centre, or our legal helpline; as well as via our teen chat for girls. You can also reach us by email.

We also conduct outreach activities in the form of field trips, lectures and courses with the aim of educating the public and professionals about male violence against women. Through education and advocacy, we work preventively to help create a society free of male violence against women, teen girls and children and to help ensure that abuse victims are treated well and get the help they need.