Counselling centre

Ada Women’s Shelter and Young Women’s Empowerment Centre has a counselling centre that you can call for support. It does not cost you anything to talk to us. You can remain anonymous and we will not keep records. Everyone working at Ada Women’s Shelter and Young Women’s Empowerment Centre has taken a vow of secrecy, so nothing you say to us will be passed on to anyone else unless you say it’s OK. However, we are always legally required to make a report if we suspect a child has been abused.

When you talk to any of us at the counselling centre, everything is based on your needs. With us, you can feel free to talk about your experiences of being subjected to threats and violence in any form. When you talk to us, we focus on perspective and experiences, regardless of whether you have been dealing with physical, sexual, financial, material or any other form of abuse. It is never your responsibility or fault that someone is abusing you in some way. You can give a voice to your thoughts, worries and fears. We know that you are the one who knows your situation best. During the sessions, we will listen and support you in the process of deciding what to do and how to deal with your experiences. We can give you information about your rights, and tips about which organisations and authorities are obliged to provide assistance if you turn to them for help. If you like, we can accompany you and provide support when you contact organisations and authorities.

To book a meeting in our counselling centre, simply call or email us. If no one answers the phone when you call, please leave a message on our voice mail system and we will get back to you.