Do you want to make a difference?


If you would like to volunteer at Ada Women’s Shelter and Young Women’s Empowerment Centre, you must be age 18 or older and have undergone our basic training in women’s shelter operations and the empowerment of women and teen girls. After that, you will have a few sessions manning our telephone hotline together with another hotline worker until you feel ready to work by yourself. The basic training course normally starts in autumn and is made up of 12 sessions, 3 hours per week. The course is held in the evening.

As a volunteer, you structure your work based on your interests and how much time you can volunteer. Examples of work include manning the telephone hotline in the evenings, having supportive conversations with women and teen girls who contact Ada, accompanying an individual and providing support when they visit an authority or make a police report, participating in the teen chat for girls, or accompanying an individual who must be involved in a trial. As a volunteer, you can also be a contact person for women and children living in our emergency shelter, being someone to talk to while they are living here and finding fun things to do with the children. If you are a law student, after undergoing the basic training you can help to man our legal helpline, answering the legal questions of women seeking help there.

Volunteers can also get involved in association work by joining the board, starting and carrying out projects, or performing advocacy work through lectures and serving as a host for study visits.

All volunteers who work with the telephone hotline, counselling and the emergency shelter are given the opportunity to regularly take part in group instruction by an experienced gestalt therapist. As a volunteer, you will be given the opportunity to take advanced training courses in various disciplines. We also have member appreciation activities during the year.

If you are interested in taking our training course and volunteering at Ada, please email us at