Do you want to make a difference?

Make a donation

Would you like to make a donation to Ada Women’s Shelter and Young Women’s Empowerment Centre? We are grateful for all donations, both small or large, from individuals and from businesses. The money goes to help abused women and children who need a silver lining in life, money for food, activities for the children, medical care, and other necessities. The donation will not be used to cover any administrative or operational costs. Please send us an email after making your deposit so we can thank you for your generosity!

It is this easy:
1. Log in to your bank.
2. Deposit any amount to BankGiro 5656-2671. Mark the payment as Gift.
3. Send an email to and let us know you made a donation.


1. Open your Swish payments application.
2. Enter 123 67 77 270 as receiver or scan the QR code below.
3. Enter any amount. Write gift as message.




Many individuals, school students and businesses have donated money to Ada over the years. Would you, your class or your company like to contribute a little larger sum and need ideas about what you can do? Here are some examples of what others have done:

– Four girls at the Donnergymnasiet School went into Gothenburg over the course of five days and raised money as part of a school project. They offered coffee and baked goods, talked about Ada, and blogged about the work. They collected over SEK 12,000, which they then donated to Ada:

– Systerskapet, an association that throws parties and donates all proceeds to organisations and movements working for a more equal society, organised a club at Röda Sten on International Women’s Day. Bands and DJs played and the profits, totalling over SEK 15,000, were then donated to Ada.